Who We Are:

Businesses for Liberty (BFL) is a Patriot advertising business that is pioneering a movement of liberty for business owners and customers across the Nation. The American Dream is alive and well and we are excited to broadcast that truth through our success!

We support free markets and capitalism as the US Constitution demands. We pledge that our business decisions will not be based on bias political opinions from ourselves or our employees. We understand that we exist to serve our customers regardless of race, ethnic background or political persuasion. We stand for the pledge of Allegiance with our hands over our hearts and rise to salute the American Flag. We are true American Patriots!

7 Principles We Support:

  1. Pro Life
  2. America First
  3. Individual Liberty
  4. The Constitution of the U.S.A.
  5. Free Market Competition
  6. Lower Taxes for Businesses
  7. Opposing unreasonable requirements for customers