American Owned Apparel Joins BFL


Please welcome Colby Davis with American Owned Apparel in North Carolina aboard Businesses for Liberty! πŸ—½πŸ‘ πŸš‚

Colby and I connected on social media and I knew right away on the phone that he was a stalwart PATRIOT. He really appreciates our movement and wants to help. I look forward to doing more with Colby and his awesome business!

So why is Colby a PATRIOT?

To me, patriotism means doing what’s right for all people even if it goes against the highest authority. I love my country and I love the people in it even if I fundamentally disagree with them. Being a patriot means that you protect their rights just as much as your own.

Why does Colby love his business?

My business is founded on the principle of American products. From the shirts we print to the coffee mugs and vinyl decals, everything is made in the USA. I love it because it ensures that I support America family and don’t participate in outsourcing production that includes labor law violations and low ethical standards.

How can you contact Colby?

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