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Please welcome Collin Bonsey and his wife Adrianne in Greenville, SC with Based Brands aboard Businesses for Liberty!

Wow where to begin with this amazing family? They left Oregon to come to South Carolina. They stood firm for the cause of LIBERTY in a very hostile environment. This man STOOD when others cowered. This man is a PROVEN PATRIOT. Folks listen to me.. You need to check out the apparel of Based Brands. They are incredible. Who doesn’t want to buy a sweatshirt that says “I ❤️ Freedom!” I love the positive passion this man has- rally behind him!!

So why is Collin a Patriot?

“Having recently moved from the communist state of Oregon, we saw first hand how quickly our God given rights can be stripped from us. Speaking TRUTH out loud nowadays has never been more difficult with the amount of suppression of free speech, censorship, and “fact checkers”. Many of us have awoken up to the fact that we are being lied to on a massive scale about pretty much everything. Many of us have built a stronger relationship with God through the last few years and can see this is a battle of good vs evil. We are Patriots because we believe in God, Liberty and the belief that we are all created equal in the eyes of our Lord. It is Patriots, through God, who are going to save this country, we are the one’s who will wake up others to the TRUTH. What a time to be alive!”

Why does Collin love his business? 

“We created Based Brands for one reason; to speak and spread truth. When we live in a world where truth is being censored daily, wearing it proves to be an effective way to deliver the message. We are simply saying what is on everyone’s mind but who may be unable or too afraid to speak up. Our election was stolen. We need to audit all 50 states. The military industrial complex is real. The illuminati is real. The New World Order is a thing. God is real. The Bible is real.

The silent majority needs to get loud! Based Brands is here to help deliver truth bombs and red pills wherever you go. Can’t say it? Wear it! Be the PRO-AMERICA, PRO GOD, PRO PATRIOT you know you are. You are not alone and will inspire others to speak up and rebel against tyranny”.

How do I buy these shirts and apparel and support Collin and Adrianne?


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