Irmo Real Estate Business Joins BFL


Please welcome Meredith Hines with Paul Properties Real Estate in Irmo, SC aboard the Businesses for Liberty train!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ—½πŸš‚

Meredith loves God, Family and country. She is passionate about uniting PATRIOTS and helping our LIBERTY movement. We immediately connected on the phone and I knew she was one of us!

Why is Meredith a PATRIOT?

I am a Patriot because I stand for freedom and will fight for it. I am a God fearing woman, wife, and mother of 3 beautiful children, and I want them to be able to grow up in an America that gives them the opportunity to become whatever their hearts desire.

Our country was built on freedoms given to us by God, and I am here to uphold these so others can live in freedom as well. In God we Trust!

Why does Meredith love her job?

I absolutely LOVE what I do because I get to help others invest in real estate. Whether it’s finding a home for their growing family, selling a home to downsize, buying land to build on, or a business finding a new commercial property to expand to, I’m here for it! I’ve had my license since 2014, and I have experience in all areas of real estate. I enjoy the variety it gives me when helping others with some of the biggest purchases of their lives. In the past few years, I have helped many like-minded families find a home here in South Carolina so they can escape tyranny occurring in other states. It’s been a blessing to connect with such like-minded people, and I can’t wait to connect with more!

Do business with Meredith!
Meredith Hines
Real Estate Professional
Paul Properties Real Estate
Mobile: 803-629-2770
Office:  803-740-1422
7455 Eastview Drive
Irmo, SC 29063

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