Estill Patriot Brings Closet Candy to BFL


Please welcome Gena Martin Gommer with Closet Candy in Estill, South Carolina aboard Businesses for Liberty!

I had the greatest talk on the phone with this great Patriot and she is grateful for our LIBERTY movement. I told her that we would do all we could to spread her patriotism and her business far and wide!!

She is Pro Life, Pro Liberty, Pro History and America First!

So why is Gena a Patriot?

Well, I LOVE my Country! I am a woman who is ALWAYS “ packing” , to protect her family! I believe in the Second amendment! Also, No more relying on other countries for fuel!!! And…Abortion at ANY STAGE is murder! I had identical twin baby boys 31 years ago at 28 weeks!! They were 3 pounds 13 ozs and 3 pounds 13 and 1/2 ozs. They both now work for Chick-fil-A! I homeschooled my children because I wanted them to learn HISTORY from a creation perspective , NOT , evolution. One son has 2 Chick-fil-A stores , the other and his wife, work at The corporate office for Chick-fil-A. My baby is 21 and will be married this December while he finishes his Nursing program to be a nurse anesthetist. YES! I’m a proud mama! My kids love the Lord , and our Country! My husband trained MARINES on Parris Island!! We support our military!! We will fight for our FREEDOM as AMERICANS!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸


What is Gena’s Business and why does she love it?

My side business to help my disabled husband , who had a car accident that ruptured his pancreas, is
I also had to go back to work after 20 years as a stay at home homeschool mom , which was scary, to say the least!! I now sell manufactured homes in Beaufort SC and I’m looking for Investors that want to invest in affordable housing for our community!!

How can you reach Gena?

Phone: (843) 441 5137

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