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What do I get for the Basic Membership?

  • Business Name will be added to official Businesses For Liberty Website & Database
  • Promotion & Free Add Space on 15 social media platforms
  • Virtual and In-Person Networking Events 
  • Partnership Opportunities with other businesses 
  • Optional Annual Window sticker 

To further encourage Customers For Liberty, we ask each BFL member to offer a special incentive of their choosing to any customer that identifies as a Customer For Liberty.

Membership Levels:

Bronze Membership: (Basic Membership)

Silver Membership: The Basic Membership plus 2 Annual Updates by BFL on 15 Social Media Platforms!

Gold Membership: The Basic Membership plus 3 Annual Updates by BFL on 15 Social Media Platforms & 1 interview with Erik Corcoran! (Virtual/ In Person)


Number of
Annual Fee
Bronze / Silver / Gold
1-10$100 – $150 – $200
11-25$150 – $200 – $250
26-50$200 – $250 – $300
51-100$250 – $300 – $350
101-200$300 – $350 – $400
201+(Call for Pricing)

As a token of our gratitude for the work you do,
we are proud to offer membership to all
Firefighters, Police & Veterans at 50% off.

We thank you for your service!

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