Twig – Walterboro, SC

“When we joined Businesses for Liberty on March 2, 2021, we just wanted to support what we could tell was a movement of patriotism. Deciding to join was easy! We want to help build our country and improve it and leave it in better condition for the coming generations of Americans. We joined in order to participate in a building process; what we have gleaned in so doing has been monumental! We have been so blessed through Businesses For Liberty — the entire team has worked hard to promote our business and to support us on both a professional and personal level. It has been so very satisfying to interact with other patriots in the group (both business owners and consumers alike!) that hold the same values as we do! We have benefited in ways that are far beyond our business; we have gained acquaintances and friends and have been massively encouraged by the sheer number of other Patriots that are involved. There are so many of us, and the number continues to grow every day! It thrills us to be part of this movement of Patriots supporting Patriots!”- Mandy & Jessy Burdick

Fort Powell Homestead – Powdersville, SC

“Hey guys if you don’t think BFL is worth it I have gotten several phone calls today where they got my number off the Website and called for produce. BFL is awesome!” – Brent Powell