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Liz Walker is a ROLE MODEL for nurses in this country. She became a nurse to help people. When she saw the tyranny first hand- she could no longer serve in that capacity. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘

Folks she has been scorned, laughed at and mocked for leaving and starting her own work: That’s My Nurse.

We need to:
๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ endorse her work
๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ become her clients
๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‘ UN- CANCEL her!!

Here is what she wrote a few weeks back:

Hello fellow Patriots! Iโ€™m coming to you today, swallowing my pride, and asking for your help. Erik has been great about encouraging all of us to let our needs be known because we are a community of Patriots who are here to support each other. I donโ€™t see a lot of us here being real and open about our needs though. So, I decided to go first and hope that this encourages others here to do the same.

For those who donโ€™t know me yet, Iโ€™m Liz. Iโ€™m a Registered Nurse and now nurse entrepreneur. Iโ€™ve been in healthcare for a total of 11 years. My nursing background is everything from Critical Care (ICU), Stepdown (Progressive Care), Medical Surgical, Occupational Health, and Home Health. I spent my last 19 months of bedside nursing working in the hospitals with Covid patients.

I walked away from bedside nursing on September 4, 2021 to start my concierge nursing business and become a vocal advocate for medical freedoms. I was one of the RNs who actually loved working with Covid patients, and it was very difficult to walk away from that, but I could no longer continue to participate in the things I was seeing and experiencing in the hospitals. I wonโ€™t speak about those things here because theyโ€™d probably shut this entire page down from what I have to say.

Anyway, I mentioned earlier that I need help. My new business is struggling, and I need more clients. I didnโ€™t start my business on a whim. I had no desire to start a business, but the Lord told me this is what He was calling me away from bedside nursing to do. My business is focused on helping patients better understand and manage their chronic health conditions at home so they can live longer, healthier, more active lives and stay in their own homes and out of the hospitals.

Currently, I have a handful of clients whom I have been blessed to be able to help make a difference in their lives. The Lord spoke to me recently saying I need to expand my reach so I could help more people and that if I put it out there, He would bless it. So, here I am, putting this out there.

This week I am adding a new service that my business, Thatโ€™s My Nurse, is offering. Itโ€™s called Concierge Care Coordination services and I can offer it to anyone in this beautiful state of SC because itโ€™s all done remotely/virtually. With this service, clients would be able to schedule phone or Zoom consultations with the nurse to ask questions and get nursing advice. The nurse would also take care of all their healthcare coordination such as calling the doctor to address client concerns, scheduling appointments, and facilitating the communication between the different doctors and specialists so that they can (finally) be on the same page! The nurse will also build a personalized care plan for the client to help them meet healthcare goals.

This is just a brief synopsis of the overall picture of this service. Iโ€™m offering this service first to this group of Patriots before I even post it on my website. Iโ€™m also giving my fellow Patriots here a 25% discount on services for as long as they remain a client. Is there anyone here who needs a dedicated, experienced, highly knowledgeable, passionate Patriot nurse to help them manage their healthcare? Have a loved one who could use our services? If so, please reach out to me or schedule a free 30 minute consultation to get more information about this services and see if it would be a great fit for you or a loved one.

I know this was a lot to read, but I would truly appreciate the support.

Please also like and follow my page That’s My Nurse.

You can schedule your free 30 minute consultation atย https://thatsmynurse.hbportal.co/schedule/61e782045c77020b222ec6a4
Or email us atย info@ThatsMyNurse.com

Thank you for even taking the time to read all of this and I hope to see more of my fellow Patriots here share their needs as well so we can all support each other. God bless you all!

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